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nächster: 21.9. The International Day of Peace. 18-19:11.

ort: vor der frauenkirche (gutes symbol).


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This time i again mailed to all the spiritual centres in dresden and my mailinglist. Again, no one reacted, not positive or negative. Dresden is just sleeping. 😉

Also i created a list with mail-adresses of the german media (press, tv, radio) and told them about medmob. No reaction so far. In other countries press is beginning to report about medmobs.

Anyway. So i meditated alone at the front of the saxon parliament, on the lawn. Sitting there i faced the curve of the mainstreet. So I hope a few people saw me.

It was much more easy to meditate there than at the first medmob in the city. No one bothered me, and I could look at balloons flying, insects, flowers. I was very present and felt quite powerful. Kinda like doing yoga or such.

I think I will have to do flyers or sth. like that. It has to grow, and I don’t want to sit there alone anymore. Wake up dresden! 😉

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many false teachers out there. signs:

unauthentic, conditioned behaviour (fake smile and such); parroting, repeating of truths; when confronted with new questions: long pausing, eyes look to the sky/ go up (sure sign that a person is making something up and is in his mind). then often just eso-blabla like „all is ok, all is nothing, it doesnt matter“ or such.
overemphazising of „postive“ things like peace and love, and talking of „dark“ or „disturbing“ things and feelings, from which one has to be „freed“.
when i listen to these people, i often feel tired very soon, sort of „sucked“. all the bullshit talk from the head and spiritual ego is very tiring. when listening to real masters, i feel kinda energized (best felt when face-to-face with the teachers, but video will also do).

these are just a few points.

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Neue Kategorie

mein vorname Ralf kommt aus dem germanischen, und bedeutet „ratgeber, wolf“. gerade habe ich überlegt, wie ich die neue kategorie nennen soll. dann hab ich kurz meditiert, und „ratgeber“ war einfach so da. 🙂 find ich immer wieder beeindruckend und toll.
ich werde hier einige sachen aufschreiben, die ich selbst verstanden habe, und wahrsch. auch viel von samarpan, das mir geholfen hat. teilweise auch auf englisch. ich hoffe, dass ich damit ein paar leuten helfen kann. aber auch für mich selbst ist es gut, diese texte zu archivieren, falls ich sie mal selbst brauche.

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